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A personal look at the trails and triumphs of creating. Creating a business, creating a Sacred Self Care practice and creating your authentic self.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Listed my first items on Etsy

On Monday, I listed my very first items on Etsy. I learned a few things; the first being that it list your items as drafts first and then you can publish them later. I had been under the impression that over you list, its published. So I had been waiting for the right time to stay listing when I could have had all the information and pictures up and waiting for when I was ready. But that's good to know for the future.

I've listed most of my bath and body products only for now, since I think they would go best with Valentines Day. I actually listed all the rose scented items first and made a set that I'm calling the Romantic Rose package.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Business....new blog

Hola y Bienvenidos....
That would be Hello and Welcome, to my new blog.

This one was created after much thought so that I could have a newsletter/update for my business ventures. I had started a new business a few months ago called RedLadyMoon products and these past few weeks I've been upgrading it (its now called Scarlet Moon Creations) and making things more official. Part of that process I've been wanting to write about for awhile. I have another, more personal blog but I thought this separate one would help keep my thoughts business-like since I want this to evolve into a newsletter of sorts.

So again welcome. Posts here will include updates and ideas for new products. Links, pictures, recipes, pinterest, and just my wordy thoughts on creating things for said business. I also hope to give people heads up on sales and when new items are coming out. Possibly, also information about certain ingredients and why I may or may not use them. Scarlet Moon Creations is mostly an online business but I have been to a few fairs and festivals so some of my adventures getting ready for and attending those will most likely be blogged about as well.

Lastly, I have another, two-pronged business I want to start. In event services. That is a much bigger venture and I know I will need to put my thoughts down and get opinions so those will crop up in here to a lesser degree.

Some other things to know is that this blog or some of its posts at least will be connected to Facebook and tangentially to Etsy (the site I mostly sell on). Since, like I said the goal is to become a newsletter like feature, people can follow me directly here to be the first to find out what is going on.

Well, that's it for now. I wish I had started this sooner just so you guys could see what's been going on but I may just make a few posts now (in the near future) to give you a heads up.
I hope what I write is enjoyable for all who decide to follow.

Thank you,