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Monday, February 19, 2018

A Change is Coming

Wow, so its been awhile huh?

I've actually had a few blog posts sitting here because my thoughts about Scarlet Moon Creations and this blog in particular were going through a metamorphosis. Midway through 2017 I wanted to add another stream of income which was affiliation. However, I started to implement it I realized my blog as it was was not optimized for it. So I decided to wait and learn more first. Also, I'll be real honest and tell you that my planned monthly updates of my traffic, income and goals didn't get off to a good start and then finally petered out because they were so time consuming. There was a lot of data to assimilate but the images are what took up most of the time. So I fell off on doing them.

In July I started doing YouTube videos randomly thanks to One Book July. And I've just kept doing them since then with no goal except to post at least monthly. But then Ethony's 31 Days of Tarot happened last month and wow. I didn't know I could do that. Go and check out my youtube channel HERE. I've also gained quite a following from all these videos that I wasn't sure what to do with. How to connect YouTube to the overall business plan?

Also, last year was my fifth year running Scarlet Moon Creations and once upon a time I had plans for upgrading my blog after year 5. Which was cool but since I've learned so much and become so much more as a person and a business owner I didn't know if my original plans were enough anymore. Or were they too much? I had wanted to move the blog to WordPress website but I like the looks of it here. Then there is the fact that though this started as a how I create my business blog, I wanted to expand. All my new blog post ideas didn't fit into the narrow focus I had originally created but I still wanted to talk about the business behind the scenes. Should I create a completely separate blog or not then was the question. And what should I be putting in my newly created newsletter?

All these questions and options had me pausing think for awhile. Halfway through the year I had quit my job and went full time on my businesses. However, I didn't make enough money to create a WordPress website and buy a domain as planned. My year ended with the highest sales ever for Scarlet Moon Creations but some uncertainties as to its future.

So here we are in February 2018 and things are going to change around here. I talked about some of the above in my last post and have finally made some decisions. Creating a Self Care practice will be an additional focus of this blog. Posts will be queued up and set to publish here. New headers are on their way. And products and services will be highlighted.

Its a time of awakening after the long sleepy winter. Spring will be here in a few weeks. New growth and the new moon is the perfect time to roll out the new and improved Scarlet Moon Creations. I can't wait for you all to love it.

  Scarlet Moon Creations

Friday, October 20, 2017

Brand Identity coming together

Recently, I've been coming up with lots of new ideas for Scarlet Moon Creations. I've come across various pagan business types that have influenced my thoughts for how I want this business to function. So these ideas are not product related per se. I have a list for those. A bunch of which will come to fruition next year. But anyway, the first idea has been pinging me since I took Lisa's Creative Live class where she talked about having product tiers. Some cheap items available all the time and some only available rarely. Same with more expensive items. So I'm thinking about focusing on the 4 seasons and listing items that way. I can also focus on the ingredients I need at that time.

Next idea is, I think I am more interested in having a more service-based business. You may have noticed that I have been offering free tarot readings. I will keep doing so and will soon offer more complex readings for sale in my Etsy shop soon. However, a few other service ideas were made known to me and inspired other possibilities. This all being pagan and spirituality related, I have also fallen into opportunities that increase my confidence in my own knowledge and ability to service others. So, I am really feeling the idea of adjusting my business focus to offering information and services with physical goods being more of a support for the services.

I am also thinking about having a separate blog. I haven't shared new posts because they didn't seem to align with the point of this blog. I keep going back and forth about that though so we'll see.

Including my art and the creation process more, is another recent idea. Literally as of this morning, lol. Everything in the universe is constantly confirming that the journals are a good idea. I have found several awesome new ways to make them. I also have been art journaling a lot. Using it to promote my business just occurred to me. Others do it so why not me? I am not some super great artist but doing things like drawing spreads I can do. So there's that.

So thanks for listening. I hope you're looking forward to the next year. It may seem early to others but I think of my new year as starting November first, my birthday, which also happens to be the day after the unofficial Witches New Year. Also, being a business owner I have to plan ahead. Have a great Autumn Equinox everyone.

  Scarlet Moon Creations

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Powders and Their Uses

Hi guys,

I am excited. Newly available in the shop are Powders. I haven't talked about these here on my blog but I've shared on Instagram and Facebook for a over a year now. And they first have finally arrived. They stay fresh for a very long time and have multiple uses. Its another item I did not use before. Or so I thought. It took some time deciding on scent combinations though. I decided on the four seasons first since the shop focus is self care and spirituality. We each have a relationship with the seasons. How we think about them and what we associate with them.