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A personal look at the trails and triumphs of creating. Creating a business, creating a Sacred Self Care practice and creating your authentic self.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Powders and Their Uses

Hi guys,

I am excited. Newly available in the shop are Powders. I haven't talked about these here on my blog but I've shared on Instagram and Facebook for a over a year now. And they first have finally arrived. They stay fresh for a very long time and have multiple uses. Its another item I did not use before. Or so I thought. It took some time deciding on scent combinations though. I decided on the four seasons first since the shop focus is self care and spirituality. We each have a relationship with the seasons. How we think about them and what we associate with them.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

2nd Quarter 2017 Traffic, Income and Goals

The first half of the year is gone. How did that happen?! After having a hard time getting out reports for April and May, I decided to just do this quarterly round up after June finished. My 2nd quarter was not very good. Nothing is up to my standards. June I did have some sales but those were due to promotions in April and May. Who knows what the 2nd half of the year will bring but I plan to step it up.