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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Business Ventures in 2014

This year has been the beginning of something new. At my current day job I told my boss I would give him two years. That was in March of 2013, which means I have now been there a little over a year. The reason for this time constraint is that I had originally been turned down for this position and I had decided to focus all my attention on my Etsy business as well as starting on my ultimate career goal of running my own event planning business. So I gave myself two years of paychecks to help fund both of those ventures.

Late last year I realized that I needed to start moving forward on the event planning side of things. But being a bit apprehensive and wanting someone by my side I asked a friend if she wanted to be my business partner. This was just after Christmas 2013. You would not believe the amazing event conversations that I have with R. Its been awhile since I've had someone to talk to who is just as enthusiastic about event planning as I am.

So what have we been doing since then? Living our regular lives and slowly putting together an event business. Coming up with our business goals and structure so that we can get down to serving our clients. Every time I think about it I want to dance around the room. How about you?

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