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Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Great Pumpkin Issue

This title makes me think of the Charlie Brown movie. I decided awhile ago that for the fall I would introduce new body scrubs. New to me and to my shop. I picked three ideas after much research and thought and came up with pumpkin, pomegranate and apple. The initial issue with all three is that there are no natural scents I can add to them so it would be mostly about the ingredients rather then the scent of each. I could add fragrance oils but that's for another post.

Sample pumpkin scrub for testers.
Ingredient-wise pumpkin was/is the easiest or so I thought. There are quite few combinations of pumpkinparts, base oils and exfoliant that I can do  so I am basically having a hard time deciding which mixture to go with. With at least one I am still unsure of its shelf life. I know it will be shorter than any of my other scrubs but I'm not sure by how much. On the other hand that mixture guarantees a pumpkin smell which I'm sure potential buyers will like more, which may in turn make them use it more often. It is also making me consider adding more honey to help as a natural preservative. All of my scrubs with honey last longer.

But this is what I have my testers for. So for the first time they will be getting multiple batches to pick between. Their feedback will hopefully give me a definitive pumpkin scrub by the end of the month. This also means I will be adjusting my fall scrub release schedule. It actually occurred to me while grocery shopping and a worker at Trader Joe's said that all pumpkin items are seasonal and won't be available until around Thanksgiving. So pumpkin will be the last of my fall scrubs to come out this season. Apple and then pomegranate first.
Random thought: hmm, I post wonder how a wine scrub would come out?

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