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Monday, April 6, 2015

Moving On and Moving Up

The last few months has been full of my ending yet another phase of my life as well as preparing for the next one. I quit my day job. I had agreed to do work with my boss for two years minimum and that time is up. I felt ready to move on. And also, ready to work on achieving my dreams.

I knew this time was coming so I took part in the Daily Prompts Blogging 101 course for this blog to help update it as well as improving my blogging content and frequency. In addition to this, I have improved upon my promotional process for Scarlet Moon Creations.

However, my main goal; my dream, to start my own event planning business is well under way. I have named my business and come up with my business model. From here I have but a few more steps to make it official. I'll document that process in upcoming posts.

Blogging 101 has helped me find a few great blogs and bloggers whose interests sometimes dovetail with mine in both the crafting and event communities.  Many have become and inspiration to me and have helped me feel strong enough to take this step.

But I cannot forget my recent boss. He has taught me a lot both directly and indirectly. And of course, we met each other when we were both in unstable positions in our lives. I am as grateful for his help as he says he is with mine. So this is not an ending but a new beginning.

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