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Monday, February 16, 2015

Clone Wars

Today’s assignment: publish a post based on your own, personalized take on a Daily Prompt.

So that was today's assignment from Blogging 101. I just went to the Daily Post front page and my prompt is Clone Wars: If you could clone yourself, how would you split up your responsibilities?

You all have no idea how apt this prompt is. I was just thinking that maybe I should give up on Blogging 101 since I didn't have the time for it. But as you can see I persisted. 

My first thought was about how I would clone myself. If I had the choice of how my ability would manifest, I'd choose to clone myself like Naruto does with his Shadow Clone Technique (Kage Bunshin no Jutsu; yes I'm an anime fan). I came to this decision because unlike other types of cloning that I know of, this technique is both temporary and any experience a shadow clone has you will have once the clone has dispersed. For those who have never watched the show here's an example. If I made a clone of myself so that while I got some work done, my clone sat back and read a book, when I get rid of the clone it will feel as if I've done both my work and read the book. How awesome is that? Think of the things I could do? 

Now as to how I would split up my responsibilities, as of now I technically have 3 jobs. I have my day job as a Personal Assistant (check out my IG if you want to get little peeks at that), I also run Scarlet Moon Creations via Etsy and through word-of-mouth, and lastly I am trying to get my event services business up and running. Each of those work positions obviously require multiple tasks. For example, Scarlet Moon Creations entails my creating something, testing it, taking pictures, doing the math for pricing and shipping, posting the product on Etsy and on social media sites for promotion, and finally using the same social media sites as well as this blog as a behind the scenes look at my process. That's a lot of time as each of those tasks have sub tasks and its the same for my other work. Add in  my personal life where there is both work (cleaning, shopping, grooming, etc) and leisure (reading, watching tv or movies, dancing, etc) and I feel like most people do, like there's not enough time in the day. 

So, to answer the question, I think I would split myself into 5 (1 me + 4 clones), 1 for each business and the other two for personal business and errands and leisure activities. I think I'd have the original me rotate which I was going to do each day. Note: I'm not sure how this cloning technique works with physical changes to the body so I think I'll keep myself whole for bath time.


  1. Oh, I think you probably need several clones!

  2. I agree. You need a few clones. Good post, though. You definitely personalized the post and wrote something real.