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Monday, May 11, 2015

Lime n' Lavender Facial Scrub

Hola everybody, 

It has been awhile since I shared product making pictures and I love this new scrub that is going on sale this week so now is definitely the time to share. The Lime n' Lavender Facial Scrub is one I've been working on for about a year and half. The idea just randomly came to me when I was trying to think what new combo to make similar to the much loved Orange n' Rose Body Scrub. I like the combination of the citrus and floral scents which somehow comes together to give a decadent feeling to what is ultimately just scrubbing off dead skin cells. 

So, I was thinking what other citrus and floral combo would work. I picked Lime n' Lavender because I'm  silly and I liked the alliteration but I made it anyway just to see if it would work. Its been so long since I first made the Orange n' Rose body scrub that I had forgotten how the citrus scent tends to overpower the floral scent unless the measurements are done right. To get a little technical, both Sweet Orange and Lime essential Oils are top note scents each with high intensity; so you will smell them first. Rose and Lavender are middle note scents with Rose being lower on the scale than Lavender. When you use the Lime n' Lavender Facial Scrub you'll smell the lime first and then as it evaporates a bit the lavender scent will come through. Basically, I just kept making new batches of the scrub until it smelled right.

As you can see from the second picture, I also included lime zest and lavender buds to enhance the scrub. With sugar as the exfoliator, sweet almond as the base oil and honey to give it a bit of a facial mask feel as well as some more help moisturizing you get a great smelling and feeling facial scrub. 
I am so glad this Lime n' Lavender Facial Scrub turned out so well. I hope everyone will enjoy this new luxurious facial scrub that will leave you feeling calm and refreshed. 

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