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Monday, November 2, 2015

New Product Line #1 - Body Butters

So, you guys already know I've been experimenting with body butters for two years now. I've finally got the basic formula that I want to use down and have created a few that have just been released. Honestly, I am quite excited. I am loving body butters. I have never used them before, not even store bought. The closest I've come is using lotions that say they contain shea butter and/or cocoa butter to moisturize. They never work like they say they do so I never bothered looking into body butters. I don't know about you but many of us black people have a dry skin problem when fall and winter comes around. One bad enough, in some cases, that regular lotion will not even put a dent in. Many of us have been using petroleum oil since that was the thing to do. But if you know better, petroleum by products are not really good for your health long term. And the skin doesn't really soak them up well.

Well TADA!! Body Butters. My parents have been my main guinea pigs throughout this entire process. They love whatever I come out with because it works better than anything they've tried before. I tried these out on a few other people as well over the years and I am happy with the feedback. I actually got the formula down pat last December but it seemed too late to roll out even one body butter then. Low and behold, in January I got a request for something for muscle aches after working out. I did some research and made a post about it here already. So, one of my body butters will be the Muscle Body Butter, as I call it. Shout out to Work Hard Train Harder for the influence.

Anyway, this is the first new product line I hinted at in my Fall Favorites post. This is also the first new product line since the Massage n' Bath Oils back in 2013. For those I did not make a big to do, but I am doing so now because I missed out. Right now I've got four body butters; Chocolate Mint, Muscle, Lavender and Lemon. I also do custom orders so if you've got a natural scent in mind feel free to contact me and we'll set it up. Plenty of my products have come about because someone asked me for it.

Also, I am planning on more as time goes by so look out for those. Want to know when they are coming out so you can be the first to get them? Sign up for Newsletter to get New Product Updates and more.

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  1. Never tried a body butter myself. I have a few samples to try. Maybe I should give it a go.

    1. I don't know about you but I wash my hands a lot with all the mixing and making I do and a little bit of this stuff or even the raw butters goes a long way towards keeping my hands hydrated.

  2. This looks great. I love using body butter, as I get dry skin especially in winter. I've never tried making some myself though!

  3. So does a body butter go on after a bath/shower or on dry skin. I've tried shea butter before and just didn't feel it went on smoothly enough for me.

    1. I didn't go into it here since I put it in my product descriptions but my basic formula is using triple butters; shea, mango and cocoa as well a jojoba which you probably know is close to the same composition as our bodies naturally produced formula. Adding the liquid oil makes it lighter and easier to meld and whip. The butters are really thick and shea is the softest of the three. You could melt it (slowly so it doesn't get grainy) to make it easier to put on or mix it with a liquid oil. There is also water which makes them closer to a lotions consistency. Whatever way you use them, you can use it on both dry or damp skin. After a warm bath or shower gets you quicker results because ultimately what the body butter is doing is helping to seal in the moisture and there's is logically more moisture on your skin right after you bathe.