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Monday, February 2, 2015

Making Products for Muscle Aches

On Twitter the other day, I mentioned how I was getting requests for new products. Well, my gym instructor asked about something to offer his more advanced students for aching muscles. Since I had aching muscles I thought I'd give a try at mixing up something with rosemary and chamomile. Rosemary being known to soothe aching muscles and chamomile just being comforting in general.

So when I got home I mixed a bath soak up quick and dirty, took a pic and posted it, then jumped in a bath. I noticed the affects immediately. I had had my doubts since this was a topical application but I had seen people recommend using compresses so I thought why not. But it worked. 20 minutes in the bath reduced the ache in my muscles enough to sleep comfortably that night. However, it was back the next morning.

My next experiment I tried a week later on the premise that maybe massaging in the oils would help. Massaging in general helps my achy muscles. But, I that weekend I had planned to once again take up the challenge of getting my body butter recipe to whip. So instead of a massage oil, I made a body butter with rosemary and chamomile oils. It came out great. I finally figured out how to get the butter to whip and how many drops of essential oils to use to overpower the scent of the butters. When I tried it after my next workout it was wonderful. The butter melts when on the skin, so it massages in easily. Plus the combination made me sleep like a baby with only a slight twinge the next day to let me know there was ever any ache.

So I've got those products ready. I still plan to make the massage oil which is simple. All I have to do now is create a description for each that explains the use, draws customers and yet doesn't make any drug claims so that I do not attract the attention of the FDA. Yeah, you read that right; the Food and Drug Administration. I'll talk about the webinar I attended about aromatherapy labeling and its revelations in my next post. In the meantime look for my new products to be in the Etsy shop soon.

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