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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Spells and magic - Glamour

By Glamour [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
I think one of the ways my products can be used magically is with glamour magic. This is actually a practice I only got into recently since I associated glamour magic with wanting to look more attractive or to feel good about your physical appearance. I, personally, don't really think about my looks once I'm dressed for the day and didn't see the need for using glamour. Having learned a bit more about it it looks like I've unintentionally done it before. The first thing that comes to mind is when getting ready to go clubbing. I love dancing and dressing in a way I wouldn't normally. Sexy and fun is the name of the game when I prepare to go to a club. (And comfort, because its not fun or sexy when your clothes don't fit right or are not warm enough.) So I have a whole ritual I do that involves sexy, dance music, the right clothes, hair and sometimes makeup. Its like putting on another Lashette. Or taking her out rather. I know if certain things don't go right I won't have as much or any fun. See comfort above.

Another thing I do is wear yellow when I want to be happy or keep the happy feeling I already have. I also tend to wear girlier clothing during those times as well. But just doing these acts and wearing these clothes is not the magic. Its the intent and will behind it all. These are not things I do unconsciously. I know what works for me so I do it and believe in it. However, I never thought of these mini rituals as magic let alone as glamour magic.

When I started Scarlet Moon Creations I had to start incorporating using body scrubs and bath salts and body butters into my daily life. (I would never sell something I haven't tried on myself first.) Doing this changed my outlook on these types of items from seeing them as luxuries to seeing them as essential to self care and body care. Your skin is your body's biggest organ and it comes into contact with a lot of things during the day. It protects your much more delicate insides from a lot if harsh stuff but it can still be damaged and that protection takes its toll over the years. So you have to "love the skin you're in" to use Olay's slogan. And anything worth doing is worth doing well.

As the world often shows, your skin has more than one purpose. We as a people often see and use skin as a way of identifying ourselves and others. Whether it be by the color, feel, scent, taste or look of our own or others skin. We see people with rough hands are hard workers while people with soft hands as privileged, for example. In America, we tend to see those who show more skin as confident (or overconfident) while those who perpetually cover up and shy. That's not including the things we use to cover our skin, clothes, makeup, jewelry, tattoos, glasses, etc. Certain clothes show ones profession while others show we're out for a good time (my clubbing clothes). So due to public perception and how it has influenced us we take care of our skin and the things that cover it by projecting a certain persona that we know others will recognize both consciously and unconsciously. We want others to think of us in a certain way but we also want to think of ourselves in a certain way.

This is where glamour magic comes in. Its something we all do a bit anyway but glamour magic takes it that extra willful step by us making a conscious choice to put our energy and will behind our skin and coverings to project a certain aspect of ourselves louder than usual. To go back to one of my examples. When I want to be happy I throw on my yellow sundress and tell myself I am going to have a happy sunshine day. And when I smooth on lemon body butter, I tell myself that my skin will be smooth, moisturized and warm throughout the day but also that I will be upbeat and awake today. I associate lemons with happiness as well.

So I think that my bath and body products would make a good addition to any glamour magic, spell or ritual.

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