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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Happy New Year

New Year, New Me? Ha! I don't think so. That only works for me on my birthday. Its just the continuation of my story. That being said, I am just continuing my story here from a few weeks ago. I had planned to have blog posts in January but doing stuff took priority over writing about it. January is National Creativity Month and Get Organized Month. Oddly, without knowing this I proceeded to do both. Maybe its symbol of art imitating life.

We had the first of four mercury retrogrades in January. Everybody I know was preparing for and/or cursing it. I ignored it as usual but I now have to wonder if my mindset of continuing what I had already started last year rather than thinking of it as the start of something new was worked. I don't normally have any issues during mercury retrograde so I can't be sure. Whatever works though.

The plan for January was to focus on Excelsior Events but in the beginning that was hard. I don't actually think I accomplished that fully. In December I received a critique on my product photos for Scarlet Moon Creations and asked for more advice from others. Since then my brain had been worried about improving so that I can get more sales. I also came up with a posting plan for SMC on Facebook so I've been trying that out. I've also been renewing listings and the gods know what else.

Meanwhile, for Excelsior Events I have finally typed up my business plan and have been designing a logo like crazy. All in between trying to get hired as a wedding officiant. I added my business listing to yellow pages and have been outlining my marketing plan. Next is to do the same with my financial plan. Put it all together and go up to the business solutions center for help with the next step.

Personally, I've been looking for a job to help me pay for all the things I want to do with my businesses. I also started doing the Grimoire Challenge on tumblr. Its been very helpful personally and professionally. Thanks to this challenge I discovered One Note which I now love. I also finally finished reading the Mabinogi and two other books. I've also found myself taking on more responsibilities with PBN. Oh, I have to make a post about PBN. They are amazing. I took an ad out with them in a pagan magazine last month. I'll be trying again this month too.

As for what happened to the blog, well I didn't have the urge to blog with all that other stuff going on. I actually wrote this post on the 31st. Now I have ideas for new topics and the need to get those I've already written out there. So expect more blogging this month. Topics such as analytics, logo design, business plan writing, bath magic, hair magic, PBN, photography and more to come.

Happy New Year and thanks for staying for more,
Scarlet Moon Creations

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