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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Reflection, Thanks and a Gift

Wow, it has been awhile hasn't it. It hasn't been for lack of topics or want that has kept me away but busyness and discoveries and derailments. That's a somewhat poetic way of saying I kept forgetting to post when it was convenient and conveniently remembering when it wasn't.

Let me start off by saying this year has not gone at all as planned and I learned that when only accountable to myself, plan changes leave me floundering. Sometimes for months. That being said, I did achieve quite a bit including many of my smaller goals. I have also learned a few new things that have been helpful in shaping my future.

So I do not despair as I might have a few years ago. I am adjusting quicker than ever and continue to have a positive outlook. So with that in mind I decided to share that good feeling with my customers. I am having the biggest sale I have ever had. 40% off everything except Winter seasonal and gift sets. There is no coupon code as the prices have already been reduced. Just buy and enjoy. Sale ends December 18th.

And for my email list there is this extra special coupon code that expires December 12th. So sign up here to get extra savings. You guys are the ones that have given me a shot and enjoyed what I've created so why shouldn't I show thanks by giving you this small gift.

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Happy Holidays Everyone,
  Scarlet Moon Creations

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