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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Powders and Their Uses

Hi guys,

I am excited. Newly available in the shop are Powders. I haven't talked about these here on my blog but I've shared on Instagram and Facebook for a over a year now. And they first have finally arrived. They stay fresh for a very long time and have multiple uses. Its another item I did not use before. Or so I thought. It took some time deciding on scent combinations though. I decided on the four seasons first since the shop focus is self care and spirituality. We each have a relationship with the seasons. How we think about them and what we associate with them.

For example, Summer is the perfect time to launch these powders because its a time when a lot of people are hot, sticky and start to smell not so great. Powders soak up moisture and leave behind fresh scents when used on our bodies. So why not use the Summer Powder that will leave you smelling fresh and bright? When used in this way, we often call them Body Powders or Dusting Powders. But these can be used during the other seasons as well. Are you one of those who associate winter with warm, filling scents like clove? But you also need something for your shoes to keep them fresh and protecting your feet during the long winter months? Clove oil is antimicrobial, antifungal, antiseptic and antiviral. Guess what's in the Winter Powder? Or maybe you associate Autumn with harvesting and you want to bring in the harvest from all your small business work by making a sachet bag. Sprinkle a bit of the Autumn Powder into your sachet with the other items. Then charge it and you are good to go. Many think of Spring cleaning when Spring comes around. Its a time to refresh your home by opening the windows and changing the linens after being cooped up all winter with that stale air. So why not add a new refreshing scent to your home when you do this by sprinkling some Spring Powder after you vacuum or on your new bed linens so you have a new fresh scent?

Personally I started down this road because I took an aromatherapy course that talked about Body Powders. When I started using them two summers ago I wondered why they went out of style. The answer was most used to be made with talcum powder which is not good for you. Baby Powder is still popular but not as much because of the fear of Talcum powder usage. But with lots of research and testing I've found other powders work just as well if not better. Cornstarch and Arrowroot powders as well as various powdered clays. And of course, each Powder is scented with a simple combination of essential oils.

So for right now, I've started with these four powders, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. You can find them all in the shop ready for you. They come in two sizes; 4 oz and 8 oz. There will be more coming soon but I, as always take custom orders. If you have any special scent requests feel free to contact me and I'll do my best to make it happen for you. I posted this statement when sharing my first body butters and I've had three custom orders that I turned into full products for everyone. So I can make it happen for you.

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See you next time,
  Scarlet Moon Creations

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