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Saturday, July 15, 2017

2nd Quarter 2017 Traffic, Income and Goals

The first half of the year is gone. How did that happen?! After having a hard time getting out reports for April and May, I decided to just do this quarterly round up after June finished. My 2nd quarter was not very good. Nothing is up to my standards. June I did have some sales but those were due to promotions in April and May. Who knows what the 2nd half of the year will bring but I plan to step it up.

So, what's going on here?

Early this year I realized I needed some form of accountability. I've got my notes but those are easily ignored. Being an introvert makes me hesitant to just buddy up with a stranger so my blog (and whoever reads it) will be my accountability partner. I've already shared my goals and objectives for this year here. Now, I share my monthly and quarterly reviews. This will include traffic and income reports and wellness reports. Some areas will be more detailed than others since this is a blog focused on creation; particularly creating a successful business.

A few reminders, I have two businesses but I clearly indicate which stats you are seeing from each. Also, you can click on each picture to make it bigger so you can see the details better if you wish. So here without further ado are my January 2017 reports:

 Quarterly Review: 

What were my favorite memories?
Traveling to Oslo, Kuala Lumpur and St. Louis. As well as art journaling, junk journaling and using my art supplies. 

What did you accomplish or complete?
Visiting friends, going on my first solo vacation and visiting Europe, my first IG giveaway, continued saving, quitting my day job, doing a junk journal swap, more SMC sales than ever. 

What was time well spent?
Trying new things like journaling and different layouts in my bullet journal.

What was money well spent?
Joining Positive Scribes and the Luminaries. Creating and mailing junk journal for a swap.

Have you made progress on your annual objectives? Only on my relational ones and physical to some extent.

What are your outstanding goals? Setting up affiliates, EE business plan, launching powders (though by the time this is published they will have debuted), wedding checklist, EE launch, Newsletter, updating SMC, Fb ads and decluttering room.

What was your worst set back? None were worse that the others.

Are you keeping any bad habits? Not anymore. July is about Going Big or Going Home.

What's holding you back? Fear, time, excuses, not doing me first and in the healthiest way possible. Reading is holding me back. 

Quarterly Progress Log:  

What special occasions or events will you honor in the next 3 months?
Brother's birthday, Greg's birthday, Independence Day, Sadie's birthday, Labor Day. 5th Tumblr Anniversary, Scarlet Moon Creations 5th Anniversary, CampAnime, Lughnasadh and the Autumn Equinox.

What personal goals do you need to completer to stay on track with your annual objectives? Pay off debts, buy a new a new computer, visit with friends, monthly reiki, exercise, get health insurance declutter room and journal.

What professional goals do you need to complete to stay on track with my annual objective? Launch powders, newsletter/email list with readings, wedding checklist, launch EE, gift sets, wedding timeline and PROMOTE!!


Etsy: $71.75


Total: -$423.11

Net Income YTD:-$2019.20

 2nd Quarter Goals: 

Here I will discuss my goals and how I did or did not meet them for the quarter. These goals come from my project lists which are breakdowns of my annual objectives. With each quarter I will update my annual objectives.

Launch Powders
Create Newsletter and grow email list
Create Self Care card reading
Wedding Checklist
Launch EE
Exercising every other day

Buy a laptop
Monthly self reiki
Visit friends
Save money
Reorganize ingredients and supplies
Revamp gift sets
Wedding Timeline
Design FB ads
Make TN Inserts
Make Junk Journals
Design images to use on S.M. for holidays

Independence Day
Chris' Birthday
3 Full Moons
3 New Moons
Autumn Equinox
5th Tumblr Anniversary
5th Scarlet Moon Creations Anniversary

Using content and editorial calendars daily
Making a living off these businesses full time
Sharing journal images on Instagram
Batch scheduling social media posts
Doing review posts earlier
Making $2,000, per month minimum

So here is a new set of goals for the next quarter. If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask. I'll see you next month.

  Scarlet Moon Creations

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